Monday, December 15, 2008

How to HDR with Canon 5D

As a nikon user switching to canon I found many things I used regularily missing in the canon 5D menus. A big one of concern for shooting HDR is the lack of a mirror delay and 9 stop auto bracketing. So here is how I shoot HDR with my hands tied behind my back. First keep in mind that the optimal exposure must be no slower than 2 seconds for a 7 stop HDR. This is also true for Nikon because the maximum shutter speed is 30 seconds. So set your aperture to f8 for example and shutter to 2 seconds and look for the apropriate ISO to get an image with a perfectly centered histogram. Use the ISO to set your exposure. Now this is the crucial part. If your image has extreme range like a night shot with a bright store window you should start out a little darker. If the image would look interesting with the correct exposure then the centered hisogram is the best starting point. Now once you have this established got three stops over and take your first image. If you went to custom settings and set 1/2 stop exposure steps then go 2 clicks and expose and so on until you hav shot seven. An alternate method is to use canons 3 stop bracketing and do the fist set with the brackets above your optimum and the next set below and including the optimum. If this is too complicated get a nikon!

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